2014 Sports Technology Awards – SportingPulse International

2014 Sports Technology Awards

The finalists of the UK 2014 Sports Technology Awards have been selected. Judging has been an extensive process with a wide array of entries to be decided between. This year's entries have represented a huge range of sports, from all sizes of companies located all over the world. How fabulous to see  SportingPulse International become one of the finalists for the Best Technology Partnership award.
The outright winners will be announced at the lunchtime Sports Technology Awards ceremony, hosted at The Brewery in Central London, on 4 April.

SportingPulse International

The technology partnership between SportingPulse International and FIBA is unique in world sport. FIBA wanted to eliminate duplication in IT development throughout its 213 member countries, so in 2004 appointed SportingPulse to develop best practice technology tools to manage the key functions of registration, membership database, competitions, live scoring and capture of statistics.

In 2013 the SportingPulse technology applications are being used in over 80 countries helping amateur and professional basketball organisations better manage their operations. The partnership has evolved over time with SportingPulse creating new tools such as FIBA Live Stats to allow basketball administrators to record basketball game statistics and webcast matches in real time. The webcast experience has been optimized so fans can follow games on their preferred mobile device and is available in 25 different languages.

In 2013 FIBA Live Stats was used at the FIBA Asia Championships and the FIBA Americas Championships with over 0.5 million people from 150 countries visiting the FIBA Live Stats webcast over the 20 days of competition.

Over 20,000 games per annum are webcast live using FIBA Live Stats allowing basketball fans to follow World Championships as well as mums and dads being able to follow their childrens’ games live.

Good luck SportingPulse International!

Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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