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Are you making enough money? Right at the top of the tree? New Millennium Business will help you maximise income – and help you be extraordinarily successful. The events ‘game’ is a challenging business.  Organisers are under pressure to make deadlines, contain costs and deliver exceptional results. This calls for even more creativity, innovation and business skills to package recent experience into ever-new solutions. We listen, intently, and then work with you to find solutions. New Millennium Business leads in the business of major events.

Running your business, you are more than likely to be totally immersed in work for your clients. And so you should be. There are big risks in losing sight of the next step forward, the next big thing, changing markets and technologies. These are the essentials will carry you across the line next time. We can help you prepare and manage through the changes you want to make.

We work internationally and assist overseas companies set up in Australia.  New Millennium Business works with events businesses that are looking for new opportunities in Australia and overseas …businesses wanting to grow, to further develop their expertise, improve brand visibility and establish a truly international presence.

This is what you get with New Millennium Business:

  1. Project scoping and development of  business plans – Advice and Action that will improve your business operations and outcomes, including strategy, marketing and branding, operational delivery, client relations and company representation;
  2. Determining your Events Convergence (our EC model) profile that will identify ways in which you can reshape, become more profitable and widely engaged in events. In this competitive business environment, you must determine and build on your expertise and areas of strength;
  3. Local and international expansion – A plan to help you get more clout. We'll work with you to pursue collaborations, wider project and business alliances and so produce a stronger and sustainable business. You are ‘in it’ for the long term – we'll get you there;
  4. An addition to your team, where it counts – working with you and representing you with event organisers and host cities, promoting your expertise to sports and events agencies, marketing your company and striving to ensure you secure contracts;
  5. Giving your marketing a kick along…extending your global reach – creating and building the key relationships that cement your expansion.

New Millennium Business specialises in rationalising, interpreting, understanding and applying the knowledge, experience and lessons gained from planning and implementing major events. Our goal is to ensure that your future events and invovlements will be more successful, by all measures. We want you to be the best.

New Millennium Business works alongside you and as a part of your extended team...helping you achieve your objectives and achieve impeccable delivery for your clients.

We offer:

  1. The Breakthrough Discovery Report – we evaluate your market position and identify immediate actions you can take to raise profits and capture new opportunities
  2. Profit maximisation audit – we determine your best approach to raising profits, increasing your margins, gaining a more robust market position and prominence, and reducing risks to your business
  3. Strategy development and profit delivery implementation advice

What can we do for you? What can we do together?

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