Sports gear gets very stylish

Sports gear gets very stylish
Stylish sports gear for women is rapidly taking an important position in the sports gear-cum-fashion market.  Lorna Jane and 2XU have done well with stylish adaptations and ideas…making the buying and wearing of work-out and sports clothing exciting and fashionable. StyleRunner has shown there really is a growth market here in Australia and internationally, expanding strongly. Alexander Wang has developed his very athletic range, collection in fashion-speak, for global fashion retailer H&M – designed to be worn “on the street, in the gym, at the club,” athletic and water-resistant), including scuba dresses, quick-dry running tops, perforated laser-cut shorts, heavily branded sports bras and accessories that include swim goggles and actual-size boxing gloves.
Amazon is not slow…they have seen the convergence of leisure and athletics and market a wide array of related apparel. And in the US they deliver their athletic gear as quickly as other products. The gear is promoted via its apparently popular, social-topical ‘Transparent’ TV series (via Amazon Prime Instant Video).
Now, here comes Nike, the brand…a full charge into the sector – with a comprehensive spring 2015 range for the US, designed for the “growing lifestyle” of today’s woman who “seamlessly integrates her run and workout with the rest of her day.” Capitalising on women’s interest in fitness, Nike has launched its Training Club, a female-centric fitness app, which has been downloaded over 16 million times.

Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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