Sochi will shine with Roy and HG

 Sports satirists H.G. Nelson and "Rampaging" Roy Slaven are exporting their wry commentary to Russia.

But what will the Russians make of the "battered sav", the "Chiko Roll", the "Dutch wink" and the "hello, boys"?

Ten has given us a great opportunity to look closely at the new Russia and to catch up with old friends newly released from prison 

The Ten Network has signed a deal with the pair to provide commentary for the network's coverage of the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Under the terms of the deal the pair will present a nightly show on the Ten Network, Roy and H.G’s Russian Revolution.

They will also front a daily show, The Ice Stream, which will be available via the Samsung Stadium app and Ten's online platform, Tenplay.

Nelson will also appear on Ten's nightly panel show, Sochi Tonight, with co-hosts Stephen Quartermain and Alisa Camplin.

Nelson and Slaven, played by Greig Pickhaver and John Doyle, established their Olympic commentary style with the critically acclaimed The Dream with Roy and HG, which was the breakout hit of Seven's Sydney 2000 summer Olympic Games coverage.

Thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald

Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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