Decisions that will need a lot of money

Decisions that will need a lot of money
Boston, along with Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC, is on a US Olympic Committee shortlist, with the organisation set to make a final decision early next year over whether to bid for the 2024 games, and with which city.
Proponents of the Boston 2024 bid claim the games would cost around US$4.5 billion to stage, to be funded by private sector means. The Boston 2024 Partnership, a non-profit lobbying body, said lawmakers had been assured that no public money would be required for construction projects directly related to the event, such as stadiums and housing for the athletes.

This follows unhappy endings to recent bids by New York for 2012 and Chicago for 2016. If the USOC does proceed with a 2024 Olympics bid, competition is likely to come from France, with a Paris bid in the process of being discussed, as well as: Rome in Italy; Berlin or Hamburg in Germany; Istanbul, Turkey; Doha in Qatar; Toronto in Canada; and Baku in Azerbaijan. 

Plans have been revealed to nearly double the size of Qatar’s Aspire Zone by adding new venues, recreational areas and additional aquatic facilities.The vision for the sporting precinct, located on the western edge of the Qatar capital, Doha, includes restaurants, residential areas and a new 68,000 sq metre shopping centre, to be known as Aspire Park Mall. Rebranded as the Aspire Zone in 2006, the same year Qatar hosted the Asian Games, the precinct includes two hotels, the Aspire Academy training centre, a sports medicine and orthopaedic hospital, several athletic venues including the Hamad Aquatic Centre and the Khalifa International Stadium.

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Director, New Millennium Business

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