Anti Wave is changing – a great Aussie company

Australian aquatic equipment design and production specialist and world leader Anti Wave has been bought by American international aquatic equipment leaders S.R. Smith, LLC. Anti Wave has established an enviable reputation for top quality swimming competition and leisure equipment. The company is the premiere swim, water polo, leisure and pool programming equipment designer, supplier and innovator around the world. Products and designs include swimming lanes and storage reels, water polo goals and equipment, swimming starting blocks, pool bulkheads, gratings, stainless steel pool fittings, leisure equipment and more. Anti Wave products are now used everywhere from public swimming facilities to the Olympics. Bravo Anti!

With the up-scaling of the commercial engagement of suppliers to the Olympic Games and similar international sporting events, along with substantial increases in the sponsorship and ‘contributions’ demands for inclusion, the wider public competition and leisure swim sports markets have become the focus of this industry.

S.R. Smith will take up the portfolio of competitive swimming products under the Anti Wave brand, complement the range and market and sell in Australian, New Zealand and selected Asia-Pacific markets. The acquisition provides S.R.Smith access to the second largest pool market in the world, with approximately 900,000 commercial and residential swimming pools.

Anti Wave are the original suppliers of top performance swim, aquatic sports, leisure and pool programming equipment. The company has a proud long and tested history with over 30 years of quality, service and innovation. Their emphasis has always been on quality by design and function.







Anti Wave was founded by former professional Water Polo player, Anti Kajlich, in 1977. Anti (Anton) Kajlich was a former professional water polo player, an All American water polo player at UC Berkeley and a member of Czechoslovakia’s national team for much of the 1960s. Anti Wave equipment was first selected for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich and has been used extensively in national and international competitions since.
Anti Wave lanes were first patented in 1975 and used in the first World Swimming Championship in the same year.
At the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Anti Wave products contributed to 15 world records… A record in itself! Anti joined forces with US injection moulding specialists Vaupell in 1982 – and from there the growth ensued.

Anti has been an active proponent of sports knowledge and design and a strong advocate of Australia’s capabilities. He will continue with dimensions of his work separate to the ongoing business of S.R. Smith – and we wish him much fun in that. Anti himself regularly plays in the water polo Anti Kajlich Cup in Europe.

Anti Wave's products are often innovative, improving the experience of both pool staffs and athletes. Products that have had a huge impact on the aquatic community include AntiWave's turnbuckle tensioning device for lane lines as well as their wave-reducing lane line discs. AntiWave fiberglass starting platforms and the 6-inch Maximum lane line design are used in in high-level swim competitions around the world. Their lane line storage reels make it easy to add and remove lane lines and quickly change the pool setup for a wide variety of pool users. AntiWave also manufactures some of the best water polo goals available, from their Odyssey floating water polo goal to their Universal wall goal.

Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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