Brazil ♫ Brasil – It’s time to go and see

There are new opportunities abounding in this country of 200 million people, now the world’s 6th largest economy. In the sporting, business and related events arena, the lively local business community is being complemented by an influx of internationals, particularly in the areas of marketing, advertising, digital technology and commercial development. The range of opportunities is, however, extensive and there is no doubt that expertise from Australia has a real place in Brazil – and is welcomed.

This is the case across the wider economy with options for smart Aussies in food, resources, technologies, services and more to make a mark and become true players in Brazil and substantially add to their global portfolio.  Above all, being in Brazil provides the avenue to wider collaborations with Brazilian…read: entry into South America – and indeed US and European companies which are seeking foothold and often prefer to do with partners.

Yes, there are social problems and these are a part of the growing pains we see during the emergence of a vibrant economy. The country has incredible natural resources, a young and resourceful population – and in the events arena could well build on the forthcoming Pope’s visit (World Youth Day), the FIFA World Cup, the Rio Olympics, the 450th anniversary of Rio de Janeiro and range of new international sporting events to become a powerhouse for events globally.

It’s time to go and see.


New Millennium Business is pleased to be able to offer you a number of options for getting to know Brazil. 

And for those of you who have been once or twice, we are offering a particular plan for taking your engagement there to a tangible and practical level – getting operational.


Brazil Access 2016

Brazil Access 2016 will conduct its inaugural business visit program to Brazil commencing Sunday (evening) 6th October, running through to Friday 11th October, 2013. This program will include executives from various business sectors. It will include business visits to both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and is designed to provide participants with an extremely time and cost-effective way to gain practical insights into the rapidly changing Brazilian business environment and how it may be able to contribute to their own international business strategies.  The program will entail meetings with some of the country’s most insightful corporate and thought leaders and networking opportunities with senior government officials and your Brazilian and international business peers.

Brazil Access 2016 is a successor to China Access 2008 and Investment 2000, the business “legacy” programs for the 2000 and 2008 Olympic Games.  These initiatives led to numerous tangible business opportunities for the participants who joined them.  Further information about Brazil Access 2016 and these previous legacy initiatives can be found at

I am able to provide you with further information and, of course, introduce you to the Brazil Access principal.  Email me at


Soccerex in December 2013

The Soccerex Global Convention and associated business forum and exhibition will be held in Rio de Janeiro between 23 and 27 November 2013. Soccerex is the major meeting place of football interests in business, sport development, governance and of football federations and key decision-makers. The business dimensions of Soccerex are most impressive and for gaining sector visibility, exhibiting to and meeting the who’s-who in football and becoming established in the corridors of football. This is the place to be.

Surprising it may be but although the World Cup is now just a year away, even so there will be ‘late in the day’ needs in all of the 12 World Cup cities. Soccerex may well provide the leads you’d need.

New Millennium Business is pleased to offer a co-location package for companies to attend the convention and to exhibit at Soccerex. This will be as part of a selected group of companies structured to deliver best outcomes for you.

Please contact me for further information and, of course, I’ll be pleased to discuss this Soccerex program with you.  Email me at


Personalised business programs

New Millennium Business recognises that your needs are different to the ‘next guys’ and your own business strategy requires a dedicated approach to getting into a new market. So we’re offering you a personalised program plan that will start with your objectives, needs and expectations and deliver a program that is customised especially for you. 

We are also providing this type of program for small groups of same-or-similar business types, businesses that can cluster to target similar business opportunities and possibly offer a collaborative proposition in Brazil.  This is an exciting option and one which we have been able to develop to meet the needs of business. We are able to develop programs for you that are single-city focussed, or multi-city focussed – including Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte and others. Moreover, this program can be tailored to identify and be totally immersed in a particular sector or area of business – and of course, in our DNA the Olympic Games and the events sector is one of those.

New Millennium Business has a formidable spread of key allies and prominent connections in Brazil as well as a wide network of business and professional links. We are experienced in operating in Brazil but never take anything for granted – hence we work closely with our business allies in Brazil.

Please contact me for further information and, of course, I’ll be pleased to discuss this special personalised program with you. 

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Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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