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Ericc Winton, Events Strategist and Knowledge Broker

CEO at New Millennium Business            

Creating defining moments – specialising in the business of events

Ericc specialises in the business of events, embracing many facets of events planning and business.  He brings meaning, magic and memory to the global events arena. And he focuses on structure and process to get things done. Ericc works with events designers, producers and delivery specialists as well as with event organisers, venue owners, host governments and sponsors. He is recognised as a ‘go-to’ person in Australia and internationally and has a strong track-record. He has represented government in the arena of international sporting events. He cleverly brings creative ideas into fruition. His expertise spans business planning, marketing, branding, showcasing, funding, managing risk and legacy development – applying strategic foresight and decoding emerging trends.  

Ericc has impressive local and international networks.

He is right on top of our rapidly changing and competitive business environment.

Ericc was project director for the Australian International Sporting Events Secretariat and before that, for the Sydney-Beijing Olympic Secretariat. Each proved to be immensely successful and have been emulated by overseas governments. These entities became Australia’s pre-eminent business interface and connector with major sporting events organisers, owners, host governments and global agencies such as the International Olympic Committee, the Asian Olympic Committee and FIFA. Ericc created and delivered commercial strategies in China, India, the UK, Brazil, parts of the US and the Gulf, and brought several State governments into one strategy.

A major legacy has been the remarkable global branding and recognition of Australian major events expertise. Ericc’s ground-breaking success brought a NSW Premier’s business award.

Ericc comments: Following my design and presentation of major workshops at Sportaccord in London, I promoted a London 2012 review panel and the transfer of knowledge in Games planning and legacy creation. I maintain advisory and commercial links relating to Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020. I have provided government with specific strategic engagement and investment advice for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

I work with local event design and production businesses, venue owners and operators, new technology applications for events and venues, Australian arts+culture exhibitions, as well as delivering strategy plans and advice to government.

I have become widely recognised as a leader, business strategist and knowledge broker. I publish “Back on the Block”, a newsletter on the business of events, am an expert contributor to iSportConnect and SportsBusinessInsider, speak at international conferences, conduct focus workshops and have been a judge for the Australian Event Awards since their inception.



  • Ericc Winton has been a passionate advocate for the Australian Olympic caravan over the past decade

    Richard Cashman and Rob Harris,
    Authors of the Australian Olympic Caravan, Walla Walla Press 2012
  • You have been a fantastic support for EPG and myself personally over the past 3 to 4 years so I thank you for that.

    Andrew Sharp,
    CEO, Event Planning Group
  • Ericc Winton has made a superb contribution to the development of Australia’s event industry into a world leading export industry. I have had the pleasure of working with him for over 10 years on numerous exhibitions, delegations, presentations and other marketing initiatives. He has played a central role in the effort to achieve coordinated and Continue Reading

    Sandy Hollway,
    International Adviser &
    Former CEO of SOCOG

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