Event organisers and host cities

Blow their minds and rewrite the book – Making major events truly memorable, better than ever

Are you coping well with the pressures of deadlines, finding knowledgeable and experienced resources?                                                         New Millennium Business specialises in the business of events, providing a unique service for organisers of major international events – and for host city governments. New Millennium Business has the expertise to mould events experience, management and business skills to support the development of events concepts, bids, detailed planning, implementation and true legacy. There is no template for planning and implementing events and we do not offer a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach.

New Millennium Business brings together management skills and thought leadership on events planning and delivery. Time is short. There are often few with really proven expertise. As event organisers and host cities, you cannot afford to make a poor decision.                          New Millennium Business will help you through those critical phases. We share your goal of delivering an amazingly successful event.

New Millennium Business operates with you as facilitator, integrator, representative, and collaborator.

New Millennium Business will help you with:

  1. Independent and extremely well-informed strategic advice that makes a real difference;
  2. Games and events knowledge, widely drawn, that is key to the success of your event;
  3. A genuine ‘one-stop-shop’, providing access to world lead experts in planning and implementing major events.

New Millennium Business embraces best practices in this industry. We address issues, find solutions and deliver. Quality project implementation is top priority.  We will help ensure you meet your commitments.

What can we do for you? What can we do together?

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