Tiger would….

This is for those with a nose for reputations… Tiger Woods' scandal has barely affected his earning power off the course.  Tiger Woods retains his World No.1 status and has now recorded US$1.3 billion in career earnings, according to the Golf Digest 50 income list for 2013. The 14-time major champion topped the list for the 11th time in its 11-year history with US$83 million, including an estimated US$71 million off the course and more than US$12 million in prize money.

Golf Digest magazine reported on its website that Woods' winnings of more than US$155 million reflect less than 12% of his career earnings, with US$1.16 billion coming from endorsements since his pro debut in 1996, a figure that continues to increase even after his infamous sex scandal and ensuing divorce.  This newsletter stuck its neck out way back and reckoned Tiger would ‘recover’ rapidly from his downfall…to his own benefit and that of his all-important sponsors.

Clearly there is big difference in perceptions but cheating in sport versus cheating away from sport.

Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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