Sportstec – Leading the way in sports

Sportstec – Leading the way in sports

Sportstec was selected as one of 30 people/companies worldwide to represent a year in Apple's life. Apple has set out to chronicle where Mac has been and what it’s been up to for the past 30 years. And Philip Jackson of Sportstec has been selected as an early ‘star’. A huge honour for Sportstec.

Sportstec, the sports software company founded by Philip Jackson, has been Mac-only since day one. In 2003, Sportstec created its innovative SportsCode technology. For the first time, professional sports teams could use high-quality, real-time video to make adjustments during the game. The Mac provided a platform that was easy to use, was able to compress large amounts of video quickly, and, most important, didn’t crash. Philip Jackson can watch a soccer match while running SportsCode on his Mac and evaluate performances in real time. When Sportstec started, “real time” was considered anything less than 10 minutes. With SportsCode providing instant feedback, coaches everywhere were able to get the best performance out of their teams. What started as a tool for studying Australian field hockey matches would ultimately change the way professional sports teams around the world analyzed their performances. SportsCode unlocked the power of statistical analysis, enabling users to see more angles, keep their eyes on live stats, and gain valuable insights as a game unfolded.

Time after time Sportstec, a company that leads with vision and value, emerges as the leader in its field…and for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, 13 teams will use Sportstec technology. They are Brazil, Argentina, Colombia,
Mexico, Chile, Netherlands, England, France, Portugal, Cameroon, Australia, Iran, Korea…and Philip is likely to confirm Japan also.

Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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