Raelene Castle, CEO of the Bulldogs gave great insights

Raelene Castle of the Bulldogs spoke at Sport Business Club

Just a couple of months ago Raelene Castle took over as CEO of Sydney’s AFL team, the Bulldogs, after a terrific run as CEO of Netball New Zealand. Raelene was in discussion with sports TV and radio presenter, Tracey Holmes.  Here are some snippets – great value…

► Every move you make is public property.
► Media has 12 pages to fill each day and for sure they’ll make up stories to fill those pages if they need to.
► NZ Silver Ferns are an incredible story of successful growth in fan engagement.
► Broadcast and the revenue it delivers are vital – good examples are the Silver Ferns and in Australia, the Super V8 racing.
► There must be (club) support for young athletes, for their welfare and as individuals.
► Bulldogs is a  $23 million business, 15,000 members – it needs sponsors and must give to the community – its more than just winning games.
► Good governance is vital.
► Philosophy of the club, team, individual is core – and strategies constantly embrace what’s best for each.
► The Club has a 5 year strategic plan (many clubs don’t have any real strategy) that drives the branding and takes fans with us.
► Lack of reliable mobile coverage is driving fans away from stadiums and back to the couch.
► [We] Must encourage women to take on more sport [administration/management] roles. "We need to encourage more women to be brave and put their hands up" (to be involved in sport).




This article first appeared in "Back on the Block", New Millennium Business' newsletter on the business of events on 7 September 2013….the Block: Election stuff; IOC hits Buenos Aires; Brazil's struggles; America's Cup; TV-Asia; Cricket…and more – http://eepurl.com/ELETj

Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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