Re-creating Rio…

Re-creating Rio

When elected, Paes set out to make Rio a less divided city, to make it a more modern, smarter, integrated and sustainable city. He has been the driver for new developments, including high tech projects, the city's C3 centre and such as the city’s cooperation with the federal and state governments, private interests, and the local community to create the extensive Porto Maravilha (Marvelous Port) project. This will revitalise the area.

Porto Maravilha display SuperUber3

By 2016, the city plans to deliver 150 km of BRT lines (Bus Rapid Transit – articulated buses in segregated lanes), divided into four different express corridors, to the city. The first one called TransOeste was opened in June 2012.  The first one called TransOeste was opened in June 2012. At the same time, Rio State Government is building a new metro line connecting the South Zone to Barra da Tijuca. When all of those works have been concluded by, 63% of the city’s population will be using high-capacity transport. Completion was to be 2016…it now seems part will be at least a year late.


2015 marks the 450th anniversary of the city.

This will be a celebration of Cariocas (people born in or living in Rio), a celebration of the city that was the capital of the colony, the Empire and the Republic. The city will feature many public arts and cultural events and installations. The President of Comitê Rio450 is Marcelo Calero.

Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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