Did you ever see the SCG from here?

No sooner had I gone 'to print' …. hit the send key … on my last newsletter, "Back on the Block", than I received a note from my good friend Ethan Rohloff with this fabulous aerial shot of the SCG.

I had written about my visit and included a piddly smartphone pic that I'd taken — and Ethan's terrific work trumps a million-fold anything I produce.

Just take a look.



scg by ethan rohloff large








Ethan Rohloff. 

Ethan specialises in architectural photography. His background is critical as it trained his eye for composition, light on the built environment and planning.  It is this foundation of commercial photography experience that differentiates Ethan’s work from some aerial photography that is less dynamic. 

He is so passionate about the craft and enjoys taking on the unique challenges that aerial photography presents.

Have look at his outstanding website, EthanRohloffAerial.com

Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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