Chairman of Catapult Sports Adir Shiffman at SportUp Aus

SportUp Aus – May Meetup


  • Muru-D

    363 Oxford St Paddington, NSW Australia , Paddington (map)


  • Price: AUD10.00/per person

    This month, we have an amazing guest speaker,

    Chairman of Catapult Sports Adir Shiffman. 


  • GPS tracking devices for professional sportsmen and women are becoming increasingly important to sports scientists and coaches to measure player movement and fatigue during matches and training – everything from how quickly an athlete accelerates to how their heart changes – to improve game strategy and training programs.

    And the world’s biggest provider, Catapult Sports, is operating out of small factory in South Melbourne.

    Adir (this month's guest speaker) has a background and expertise in the internet and technology space, as well as the medical and healthcare sector. He is a registered medical practitioner. Adir is one of the foremost experts in the internet space in Australia, having founded, built and sold a number of rapidly growing businesses.

    He has been an advisor to dozens of the largest companies in Australia and NZ regarding their internet strategies and execution, and continues to provide strategic advice to a number of CEOs and senior managers. He has advised companies across many sectors including banking and finance, health care, insurance, retail, airlines and travel, and media.

    Adir now focuses primarily on:
    * Originating startups
    * Accelerating other early stage companies
    * Leading/structuring investments in the above
    * Consulting/advisory services to senior management at a small number of corporates
    * Chairing several businesses in which he is a significant shareholder

    Of particular interest are opportunities to create value in overlooked and unidentified niches within the web and health sectors. This may involve the establishment of a new venture, investment in an existing operation, or restructuring/combining one or more businesses to accelerate growth.

    Some of his specialties include: Internet/digital, innovation, technology, rapid growth startups, transactional growth, angel investing, venture capital, business model analysis, medical, healthcare.

    Join us this month to follow Amir's journey, take away some actionable items for you and your business, and network with some of Sydney's entrepreneurs in the Sports Industry. 

    NB: For this month, we will need to charge a door fee of $10 to make up costs for the event.



Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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