IT as a career…the future talent for events companies

ACS Foundation ‘Big Day In’ kicks off 10 city roadshow to promote IT as a career.

This is a terrific initiative and every events company that runs some IT should be considering how they can engage…after all, without that new talent you ain’t going far!

The 2014 Big Day In Student IT Conference Series began its 10-city Australian road show last week. The first event for 2014 was held at UTS with more than 850 secondary students attending in addition to around 200 university students – over 1,000 students in total. This years the series will directly connect over 5,000 students from more than 300 schools as well as university students with tech entrepreneurs and companies including Google, IBM, Westpac, Microsoft, LEGO Education, HP, Commonwealth Bank, Wise-Tech Global, Allianz, CSIRO, NICTA and more. The ACS Foundation’s Big Day In student career event initiative was first held in 2012 as a pilot, in conjunction with UTS. Five events were held nationally in 2013 which attracted 1,700 students, and this year 10 events are currently scheduled. Last year of the 1,700 students more than 40% were females, and at one event over 50% were female students. This year the ACSF expect to attract between 4,000 and 5,000 students in total, and again more than 40% females. The breakdown of the audiences were generally 80% secondary school, and 20% university students, and of the secondary students 40% year 12, 40% year 11 and 20% other years. BiG Day In’s will be held at the following locations this year:

Organisations and individuals are invited to support and participate in this initiative – click here to find out more.

Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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