“Back on the Block” – the inventory, November 2012 to March 2013

Some of you have been reading my regular newsletter, “Back on the Block”… title conjured up with much gratitude to that great musician Quincy Jones.

“Back on the Block” gives you a fortune of valuable and pertinent information as well as some outside-the-square opinions.  We cover a range of topics that are central to the business of events; often relevant to and related to sporting events, major sports and sponsorships. After all, without sponsors, where would any of those sports and events be?

Here for your access is a list of the editions of “Back on the Block” published during November 2012 to March 2013, with the access URL.

“Back on the Block” has been published since 2011.

Enjoy…and I always welcome your comments and feedback – and indeed updates to these topics covered. More importantly, if you’ve not signed up to receive this newsletter, why not do so – and flick an edition or two to friends, colleagues, clients and competitors who you may think would enjoy reading it.


19 March 2013      Much ado in Brazil; Football and Asia; London 2012 research …" on the Block" – http://eepurl.com/wRacv


5 March 2013        The IOC in Rio and the 2020 cities; the ISO of sustainability; business visitors are important…" on the Block" – http://eepurl.com/v89Wb


5 February 2013     If you miss this one, you may miss the bus "Back on the Block" – http://eepurl.com/uQsgL


22 January 2013  "Back on the Block", where will you go in 2013? So much on offer. – http://eepurl.com/ucYt1


21 December 2012  was great, big things to come in 2013. The business of events is big. "London" wrap. "Back on the Block" – http://eepurl.com/tcQ6T


10 December 2012  Now four top top speakers incl Michael Pirrie – major events gig of the year, "London, I knew you well" 17 Dec – http://eepurl.com/sJ9Fv


4 December 2012   All about events business n trends that will have impact – "Back on the Block" – http://eepurl.com/sqGCT 


28 November 2012  London 2012 debriefed Rio | London 2012 leaders in Sydney | Earlybird ending – http://eepurl.com/r9TJb


27 November 2012  15 really excellent reasons for getting to "London, I knew you well" – true insights into the Games – Sydney, 17 Dec. http://bit.ly/UOpsEU


23 November 2012  Charge of Aussies into top jobs http://bit.ly/UuF5Ry  | A good reason to get to "London, I knew you well" http://bit.ly/Vt81hB


13 November 2012  "Back on the Block" – Celebration collection, you'll only read it all here – the business of events – http://eepurl.com/rCyBL


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Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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