“Back on the Block” – the inventory, April to July 2013

Some of you have been reading my regular newsletter, “Back on the Block”… title conjured up with much gratitude to that great musician Quincy Jones.

“Back on the Block” gives you a fortune of valuable and pertinent information as well as some outside-the-square opinions.  We cover a range of topics that are central to the business of events; often relevant to and related to sporting events, major sports and sponsorships. After all, without sponsors, where would any of those sports and events be?

Here for your access is a list of the editions of “Back on the Block” published during April and July 2013, with the access URL.

“Back on the Block” has been published since 2011.

Enjoy…and I always welcome your comments and feedback – and indeed updates to these topics covered. More importantly, if you’ve not signed up to receive this newsletter, why not do so – and flick an edition or two to friends, colleagues, clients and competitors who you may think would enjoy reading it.


10 August 2013    Cricket, Football | Sports TV heats up | America's Cup | London legacy| Blockbuster "Back on the Block" is out – http://eepurl.com/DnSrv


27 July 2013         Major events resurgence? | America's Cup | London Games, great results | Pope in Brazil –"Back on the Block" – http://eepurl.com/CS0ZD


13 July 2013        Surprising city selections | America's Cup | Get to Brazil | "Back on the Block" wow! a packet full!- http://t.co/abWUkF3wzU


29 June 2013      Brazil angst | 2020 Olympic bids | Sponsors and TV broadcast | "Back on the Block", sign up for yours – http://bit.ly/19UPBtq


11 June 2013      Great Aussie reach – news that shouldn't have, more that just amazes | "Back on the Block" – http://eepurl.com/AFUvr


28 May 2013      Sponsors, new tech, Brazil & news…the business of events | "Back on the Block" – http://eepurl.com/z3Bkn


14 May 2013      America's Cup, Brazil plus creativity and action…enjoy the feast "on the Block" – http://eepurl.com/zpyQn


23 April 2013     Events business news – the only place it comes together…enjoy the feast "on the Block" – http://eepurl.com/yoiTn


10 April 2013      Events business news – more than you can poke a stick at! …" on the Block" – http://eepurl.com/xSkIr


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Eric Winton

Director, New Millennium Business

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